Endless Hallelujah

I’ve taken a break from blogging,  I prefer FB www.facebook.com/pastordandavis  for most of my communication.   But, I am looking forward to blogging more in the future.   This song has greatly encouraged me this week.   May it encourage you as well, and give you the perspective you need on life!


The Last Thing I Say…

Over the last couple of months Layna, my 2 year old little girl,  has wanted me to put her to bed.   She loves getting cozy under her covers and after tucking her in and praying with her I always tell her I love her.   Then I say something like this: “I want to tell you something: I’m proud to be your daddy,  did you know that?”   She always answers back with a whisper – “yes”.     Enjoy your children and speak value into their lives!

9 Years Ago

Nine years ago today I heard some of the sweetest words that I ever heard.   The girl that I had desperately fallen for and I were having a Valentine’s lunch together at Meriwether’s Market Restaurant, which is now sadly closed, enjoying our first Valentines Day as couple.   After lunch I waited for her to return from the restroom and when we met in the hallway we hugged and she said:  “I love you”.   (I had had already expressed those words at this point.)  She had planned to wait till that evening to tell me,  but it just slipped out!   I’m so thankful for her and how our love has grown over the last 9 years!


Superbowl Prediction

It has taken me some time to come up with my prediction for the big game.   I’m not sure who I am going to root for.   I don’t really want either team to win.     However one team will and that team will be….   the New England Patriots.   Brady wants this bad, Belichick may want it worse.   I think the game will be close, hotly contested, and very good.     Brady & Co. will do just enough to pull this one out.

New England  27  – Giants 23

Evan Daniel Pictures

Evan Daniel was born on January 28, 2012.     8lbs and  21.5″.     Mom, baby, big sister and daddy are all doing well!

Evan Daniel is Here!


A Mighty Fortress

This song is not new, but I discovered it this morning.  Check it out!